Sunday, April 20, 2008

DFO Brisbane Airport (Part II)

Direct Factory Outlets Brisbane

We spent our 4 quality hours there, shopping and circling around the outlets to make sure that we wouldn't miss out any available "good deals". I wanted so much to get myself a beautiful fur sweater for this coming winter, but they're really pretty pricey. Lets see, the cheapest one costs around 150 dollars?

DFO Food Outlets

DFO food outlets, is the place where we took our lunch.

Wok Me: We will, we will, wok you

The packing of Wok Me is similar to Noodle Box in Westridge, quite tiny and cute.

Wok Me: Seafood Fried Noodle

$ 11.00 ++ for a small box of Seafood Fried Noodle. My boi ordered an extra hot one but it tasted sweet rather than hot, just like the Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce we usually take.

Wok Me: Spicy Nasi Goreng

$ 8.00 ++ for a small sized Nasi Goreng. Even though, the menu tells that they're serving Malaysian-style food but the flavor of the the dishes seem pretty strange. I bet most of the Asian restaurants here have to adjust their food to the local flavor in order to make it sellable, that's the fact we can't deny...

Fish Bar: Seafood Basket

Around quarter past five, we finally reached our home sweet home. We were damn tired and sleepy as we woke up very early in the morning. So, we each bought ourselves a Seafood Basket from the Fish Bar as dinner.


  1. hey~ drop a kiss here~ hehe~

    i cant imagine how the white cook M'sian food. Wow! $11+ for a small box of Fried Noodle is really very expansive.

    Watcha doing in Australia? think I gonna check out ur blog articles from very beginning. hehe~

    Have a nice day!

  2. ahhjohn:

    Thanks for the kiss, it's so sweet!~
    Haha, the food in the city is around that price, a lot more expensive >.<"
    I'm studying my bachelor's here, it's really nice meeting u btw =D

  3. cant wait for my 2nd sweet kiss~ haha.. ur honey gonna kill be then~

    the expences thr is very high. erm... not affordable unless i've a good paid job over thr.

    U r student~ wat course? whc part u major in? from ur profile i knew tat u r in technology industry~

    nice to meet u 2~

  4. ahhjohn:

    That's true, the jobs here offer high pays but the tax also incredibly high! and yup, I'm an IT student who's taking networking major ^_-

  5. Yum yum... the pics you've posted are making me hungry, they all look so tempting, especially the seafood basket. yum yum... I better get myself something to eat ^_^

  6. pipan p:

    haha! go, go, go...!!!~ Enjoy your meal, my friend =D


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