Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We Only Got 4 Minutes, 4 Minutes...

Bathroom: Guess What

Two weeks ago, I made a post about water saving and that certain regions in Australia are now experiencing droughts. Out of the four seasons, "Spring" and "Summer" would be my most favorable seasons. Unlike "Autumn" and "Winter", the weather makes my skin extremely dry and itching like mad. Sometimes, I'm even force to take antihistamine tablets to reduce the itching besides applying sorbolene and body lotion.

4 Minute Timer

Now, let's get back to the topic. Is anyone out there would like to take a final guess before I reveal the actual answer? The post title "4 Minutes" has absolutely nothing to do with Madonna's latest hits. And if your clever enough, you should be able to tell the answer by now, but if you can't...
Don't scroll your mouse yet!!!
C'mon, you can do it!!!
Just think harder!!!

Hour Glass

It's a 4-minute hourglass used to limit the time you spend in the shower. I think that this is quite a good practice in reducing the water usage. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? I understand that 4 minutes are definitely not enough for girls, especially girls with long hair. So how about shower with no hair washing or body scrubbing? Can you do it within the limited time? Well, I can do it!


  1. Maybe 4 minutes is not enough for a girl.

  2. it's interesting :) the hour glass is looking great :)

    So wow it's good to be in a hotel in Australia right now, since we don't have to worry the police knocking at the door checking on the water level :P


  3. I dont think can get it from m'sia.. lolz.. OK!! I make my mind!! Im going to steal it from somebody..

  4. flyb:

    hmph, it depends. I'm not sure about other girls but for me, 4 minutes is enough for to take a quick bath without washing my long hair.


    Haha! but it's not really a hotel. We're staying in a place called "Student Village", a privately owned accommodation which is located within walking distance away from my uni.


    LoL, steal it from "somebody"? *looks around* Do u mean me? Haha... I think they're such hourglass in Malaysia but not sure if it can be stick in the bathroom.

  5. no la... *looks straight to u!*

    4 minutes..
    stick in car ler and remind us to conserve petrol~

    imagine traffic jam.. we have to turn and turn and turn dono how many times.. 4+4+4+4+......

  6. got another idea also.. sign contract with fast food restaurant, like mcD, KFC, a@w, Pizza hut, Domino.... bla bla bla.. 4mins to serve each customer! save our time also! wakakaka

  7. 4 minutes for a girl? You must be kidding me lar... for guy is ok, but for girl is kinda limitation of time...

    Can you make it? hehe...

  8. i think i need a bigger one. hahaha~

    or better i put a digital countdown device with alarm~ sounds more effetive~

  9. kyo:

    LoL, you must be going out of my mind! Why don't u get a digital timer instead? No need to be so troublesome...

    akira 思胜:

    Yup, I can do it when I'm not scrubbing my body, just plainly take bath without washing my hair =P


    Haha, yeah! but this hourglass is provided by our management, so we just stick with it.

  10. Haha, so that's why u can get to bath for 4 minutes... Congratzz...

  11. 4 minutes??!!
    Mission impossible to me...

    Therefore, we left the mission of saving the environment to you, YY~~


  12. Akira 思胜:

    LoL, thanks! I'll do it as quick as possible during winter, cause sometimes if u stay longer in the hot bath, u don't feel like coming out anymore... it's freezing hot out there!!!!

    beverly's secret:

    Hehe, I totally understood. Pretty girls like u need to spend more time in the shower =D

  13. hi..kudos to your nomination!:)


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