Friday, April 25, 2008

Drive Free Traffic to Your Websites


I just noticed there was such an e-mail in my mailbox when I was doing a house-keeping on my mailbox this morning. In order to satisfy my curiosity, I paid a friendly visit to VerveEarth. And as usual, I got myself signed up, and began exploring around.


I found that it may be one of the best ways to drive free traffic to your website. So, I made a point of dedicating this post to all my dearest friends and readers. And I believe, good things are meant to be advertised for free shared with the world in every possible way.


The site works similar to Google Maps where you get to zoom in and zoom out to search for registered bloggers / website founders who are based in a particular religion or geographical area on this globe. Now, does it sounds interesting to you?


  1. Wow, thanks for the sharing ya~~~ It looks like Google Earth to me...

    Aikz, cannot go into the website, it said having the maintenance, is ok, I will visit it later... hehe...

  2. akira 思胜:

    You're most welcome, regarding the Google Earth, I've never tried it before.

    Please bare with the site as it's currently going under Beta testing, sorry >.<"

  3. Cool site! Thanks for sharing the link :) haha, I'm really enjoying the map with the blog links :)

  4. pipan p:

    No worries, my friend! Have fun meeting new bloggers!

  5. Hi Christina, I have linked you now. Pls don't forget to link me as well. Thank you and have a great weekend.

  6. tanya:

    Will do, sweetie! I'll link u up soon when I come back from work. Thanks and u have a great weekends too!~

  7. Wow! Very interesting indeed!
    Now only i know got such things

  8. I also apply this verth earth, nice.. you can find me at Malaysia, Sabah

  9. jeromefo-杰龙:
    Yeah, it's really impressive...

    Cool, will check u out on the map!

  10. Sounds interesting :) sooner later your neighbour will knock your door and tell you he read your bloggie :P ~ good post

  11. jerryong:

    Haha, yup! but it's not suitable for those who do not wish to reveal their real identities.

    小泽 a.k.a. DSvT:

    Awesome! Hope it would drive more traffic to your blogs.


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