Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Busy Day in the Kitchen

The New Chefs: My Boi and Alex

While I was busy preparing chocolate cake at the other side of the kitchen, these two fella spent their "quality time" together, coating and frying the calamari pieces. I bet they did enjoy themselves throughout the entire process though, a big applaud to them!

Fried Calamari

It's our second attempt of preparing Crumbed Calamari. The ingredients we used are bread crumbs, one whole egg, calamari (squid), cooking oil, and some salt and pepper. Surprisingly, the result is better this time, they were really crispy and delicious.

Dipping Sauce

As for the dipping sauce, it's my newly D-I-Y hot and sour sauce with a combination of cut chillies , 1/2 lemon, and a little bit of soy sauce and squid oil. In additional, the dish tastes good with sweet chilli sauce or any other dipping sauce you prefer.

Curry Chicken

This is the type of Curry Chicken or Chicken Curry we usually prepare, my boi loves to put in some Indian spices for extra flavoring. When the chicken is cooked, the boiled eggs and potatoes pieces will then be added into the curry.

Boiled Eggs


  1. The food just look great! Wish to have a bite too...!

  2. wow.. cooking skill like not bad wor...lol...

  3. catherine:
    Hehe, thanks!~ The dinner was wonderful =D

    Yup, surprisingly good ^^v

  4. Ooo... I've never cooked curry with eggs before. I might try that one day. I always throw in cardamom, cloves, star anise, and cinnamon sticks when I cook curry, I never cook curry without them. Really will try putting in eggs one day ^_^ Thanks for the idea!

  5. bell:

    Oh, those spices... we used different kinda spices, Indian ones. As for the boiled eggs, they taste good in curry though. U might wanna try deep fried eggs instead ^^v like those selling at mamak stalls.

  6. haha i also discovered that suspicious typo. last time someone told me can add in carrot to curry, and said that's the indian style. not sure if i'm right. i tried before, not bad also.

  7. kahpeng:
    zzz, I know the difference, just typo...

    hehe, that's vegetarian curry you're talking about. It tastes a little bit sour, similar to the roti canai gravy ^_^

  8. Oo... Fried calamari and curry chicken are in my list of dishes to conquered too! =P

  9. silverisle:

    Cool!~ Have fun cooking there =D I think now u can understand why most of my posts are about cooking =X


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