Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home-Cooking: Basa Fillet Recipe

Baked Curry Base Fillet

We've been cooking and eating good food lately, tried out new recipes such as Steamed Hot and Sour Base Fillet and Baked Curry Base Fillet. Both of the dishes were tasty, just like the Stir-fry Basa Fillet with Garlic Shoot, and 年年有 “鱼” I prepared during Chinese New Year.

Steamed Hot and Sour Base Fillet

I'm really looking forward to prepare more variety of dishes in future. And lately, as the autumn nights are getting colder and colder, we can't help but started having Tomyam Steamboat again, but this time it's extra hot and sour!

Tomyam Steamboat

In case you don't know, the multi-purpose rice cooker can be used to cook (rice, porridge, claypot rice), steam (egg, sweetcorn, tofu, buns, fish), boil (soup, Chinese desserts), steamboat and other usages which have not been discovered yet. If you happen to find out any, feel free to share with me, thanks.

Tomyam Steamboat: Extra Hot & Sour

We've tried Sichuan steamboat and n-times of Tomyam steamboat, so what's next?

Breaded Calamari

2 kg of breaded calamari "settled" by three of us within just an hour of dinner time, believe it or not?! We have a hardcore squid lovers here, haha...


  1. 2kg of calamari settled by u all??? So "kua cheong" neh...

    The food looks tasty to me... kekezzz...

  2. wow... what a delicious foods you have there! you must be a great cook! you are a malaysian, staying in australia now?

  3. akira 思胜:
    LoL, I know but that's the truth! Thank you once again =D

    mei wah:
    Thanks, sweetie. I'm a Malaysian who's currently studying abroad in Australia.

  4. wow... food look so delicious :) nyum2.. wahhhh make me hungry.. :D

  5. wa... hungry ad la u make me... T.T im on diet~~ :p

  6. Litrato pa lang,napakasarap na.Paano kaya kung totoo na!

  7. Kagabi lang,pinausukang (steamed) sausages, repolyo at tilapya ang aking inihanda.

  8. haha, next time u all can challenge 4kg d... hehe... ^^

  9. evatasi: Thanks!

    GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち:
    I miss those BBQ steamboats back in Malaysia!

    *swt* Why are u one diet? U look skinny in the photo...

    Thanks a lot for your comments but I don't really understand what you wrote for me, sorry =X

    Akira 思胜:
    4 kg is really too much >.<" All of us will end up having high cholesterol.

  10. Hungry liao... hungry liao... after seeing all those yummy yummy food...

  11. wow.......................>:P''''

  12. wow. these pictures really make me hungry. :) hehe. hi there. just droppin' by to check out the latest. and i can definitely say, what a wonderful sight greeted me. lol.

  13. oh.... pls.... dont do it again~~~ i hungry lo~~~~

  14. kyo:

    Hey, you're here again!~


    Hi edz, thanks for your sweet words!


    Sorry, will update my post as soon as I'm done with my assignments =X

  15. Calamari is my favorite.. and your picture just made my stomach grumble! =P


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