Saturday, April 19, 2008

DFO Brisbane Airport (Part I)

DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) Brisbane

This early morning, we gathered ourselves in front of USQ Allison Dickson Lecture Theatre 5 minutes before the departure time. As I mentioned in my earlier post, we'll be going to DFO Brisbane Airport, the Direct Factory Outlets are made up of 120 big brands and they're having big bargains at up to 70% off. Oh well, here's a sneak peek of the items I've got for myself. There'll be more photos coming right up...

DFO Brisbane: Strandbags

The handbags are extremely cheap there, the one I bought is only 16 dollars!!!

DFO Brisbane: Strutt Fashionwear

Striped Grandpa Top from Strutt Fashionwear at only 30 dollars.

DFO Brisbane: ESPRIT Linen Shorts

ESPRIT White Linen Shorts at only 15 dollars.


  1. netster:

    When you gonna come back again? Hehe...

  2. Hi Christina,

    Chanced upon your blog. Very nice pics! Which camera you using? Also, can i check with you how to get to DFO from brisbane airport? I'm goin in late sept, need some guides. Thanks! :)

  3. Hi Lynne, thanks for your compliment. I'm using Sony DSC-T100 to take photos. By the way, I'm not really familiar with the road to DFO Brisbane cause I just followed my university's trip. Perhaps, you could use GPS or google map to locate the exact location. So sorry about it!

  4. Thanks for getting back. I'm now a regular reader of ur blog! Nice pics! jia you! :)

  5. lynne:

    Thanks for your support! I'm glad that u really like the photos I took. Hoping to see more often here =D Take care, my friend!


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