Sunday, April 13, 2008

Student Village: Blue Vs. Orange

Student Village: The Field

These are the two finest shots of the day
I was freaking bored...
trying to find some self-entertainment.

Student Village: The Fence

Apparently, the photos look imperfect
under my woeful photoshopping skills.
So, please bare with me...

Here is one awesome video clip showing you
how a skillful photoshop user may turn a great big fat lady
into a slim-figured sexy chick. *impressed*


  1. Nice the first pic more~

  2. tintin:

    Thanks, I prefer the first one too =D There are 10 version of it and I just chose 1 out of those 10. ^^

  3. I don't even know how to photoshop! LoL But wow... I'm amazed how they could turn that fat woman into a hot chick... face not so hot but everything else... *sweats* I need to learn how to photoshop my own photos! LOL

  4. bell:

    LoL, why would u wanna photoshop your own photos?

  5. nice pics! love the 1st one too

  6. angie:

    Thanks ^^v It's one of my favorite collections too.


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