Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The weather is turning unusually cold in the autumn, it was around 12 °C last night when we were playing "Chor Tai Tee" downstairs. Yesterday morning, we went for a fantasy movie called The Spiderwick Chronicles. This is NOT just another Bridge to The Terabithia or Pan's Labyrinth kind of films. I found myself pleasantly surprised as the story was tremendously entertaining and thankfully resolute, even the CGI effects were pretty amazing.

This is one of the rare times where I entered the cinema without knowing whatsoever about the trailer / synopsis. In case you don't know, the story is based on 5 books and it was well put together as one brilliant fantasy movie. Not to mention, the great acting by Jared and Simon (the twins), Mallory (the sister) and Helen (the mother).

The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Little Brownie

Brownies attach themselves to households where they help out with chores and protect the family from burglars and goblins. They are fond of speaking in rhymes.

The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Angry Brownie

When the little brownie gets angry, he will transform into a big and ugly greeny creature. All you need to do is to feed him with lots and lots of honey, in order for him to transform back to original.

The Spiderwick Chronicles: Good-natured Hobgoblin

Hobgoblins are more good-natured than goblins but are still natural pranksters. Hogsqueal is very old and is particularly fond of using antiquated cursing.

The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Colorful Sprites

Sprites are tiny insect-like faeries the size of walnuts. Sprites played with Aunt Lucinda when she was a child. They continue to communicate with her and bring her faerie food.

The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Nasty Golbins

Goblins are nasty, grotesque creatures which resemble lage toads. In place of teeth, they must use pieces of shattered glass or small, jagged rocks. They are fond of eating house pets.


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  2. Hi Lauro, it's my pleasure to meet u too! Thanks for your visit and compliment =D


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