Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Farewell Dinner at Batu Lanchang

Farewell Dinner @ Batu Lanchang

The night before I left for Australia, my aunt and her 5-year-old son threw me a farewell dinner at one of the seafood restaurants here in Batu Lanchang. My aunt's son, who is also my cousin, treats me like I was his girlfriend (although I'm 20 years older than him) cause he thinks that I look cute and pretty with long hair, LoL~ Occasionally, he would come to me and kisses me on my cheek and sometimes even on my lips. I'll never forget the first night I visited him, he told me in front of everyone that he got questions to ask me, but when I get my ears closer to him, he actually said, "You're so beautiful" and "I love you". Amazing right? Kids nowadays...

Farewell Dinner @ Batu Lanchang

Butter Prawns that I'll never get to taste in Australia.

Farewell Dinner @ Batu Lanchang

Hot & Sour Crab. Not too bad but I still prefer the "Kam Heong" flavor more.

Farewell Dinner @ Batu Lanchang

Stir Fried Bean Sprout with Salty Fish. Umm, I just love salty fish!

Farewell Dinner @ Batu Lanchang

Sizzling Tofu. I'd like to have all this gravy on top of my white rice :D~

Farewell Dinner @ Batu Lanchang

Nick and my sissy, another shot taken by my cousin.
Yes, he took that photo of me (the most top), this, as well as the one below.

Farewell Dinner @ Batu Lanchang

This is my lovely aunt who treated me such a wonderful farewell dinner.
I felt bad when I left my cousin there crying... He wanted to follow me but I was in a rush to pick up my new spectacles from Gurney Plaza. So sorry, my dear *cuddle*


  1. first photos taken look very natural! nice and pretty.

  2. CH Voon:
    Thanks ;) My cousin wanted to take my photo, so I just smiled and he snapped ^^


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