Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Waking Up In The Morning...

Waking up in the Morning

These two shots were taken when I first got up from my beauty sleep this morning. I showed no teeth in the photos cause I haven't even brushed my teeth that time. Nah, that's not the reason :P You can go ahead and laugh as hard as you want but at least I'm being honest about it ;)

Waking up in the Morning

Second shot, me rubbing my eye. It was a lovely Tuesday morning, loved the sunshine ♥

Have a glance at some of the dishes I prepared earlier...

Home-cook: Teochew-style Steamed Pink Ling

ღ Teochew-style Steamed Pink Ling ღ
Ingredients used: Ginger slices, cut chilli, pickled mustard, Chinese mushroom, coriander, minced garlic (pan fried until golden brown) and Pink Ling.
Seasoning: Fish oil, pepper, sesame oil, rice wine, soy sauce and canola oil.

Home-cook: Tom Yum Seafood Soup

ღ Tom Yum Seafood Soup ღ
Ingredients used: Prawns, mussels, mixed fish balls, minced garlic and coriander.
Seasoning: Tom Yum paste and salt.

Home-cook: Stir Fried Bean Sprout with Salty Fish

ღ Stir Fried Bean Sprout with Salty Fish ღ
Ingredients used: Bean Sprout (washed and dried), salty fish (chopped into small pieces and pan fried until golden brown), shallot and chilli.
Seasoning: Canola oil, salt and pepper.


  1. why? your hair look not messy one...
    and still very tidy and neat!

    i never take photos when wake up... it is scare people - how to describe my look... - almost like dragon ball..'s actor.

  2. CH Voon:
    LoL~ Every night before I put my head on the pillow, I'll pull all my hair to the back (like what you've seen in the photos) to avoid pressing on my own hair when I sleep.

    In that way, you don't have to comb your hair every morning since it's always straight and tidy ;)

    I know guys have funny looks when they first got up from bed, spiky and messy :P

  3. you pull all your hair to the back? how?
    doesn't it get messy when u move about in the middle of the night?

    or do u tie them up? O.o

  4. Muse Princess:
    I don't know how to describe further but it's just like what you've seen, placed like a peacock tail :)

    Also, I don't move around much when I'm sleeping, hehe, maybe that's the reason why ^^

  5. A beauty sleep is what i need now :P.

  6. good idea... but i have short hair ...how to do so???

  7. emotionalistic:
    You should go to sleep now, girl ;)

    CH Voon:
    Erm, I have no experience in handling short hair... sorry @@"

  8. I need the food! you are one good cook!

    you wake up in the morning also very sexy ah? uhhhhh I need a wife like you!


  9. Netster:
    I don't think I look sexy in the morning, but thank you so much for your compliment :P

  10. You are such a good cook!!! Love the second picture the most!!

  11. BeverLy's Secret:
    Thanks, that was a very very random shot ^^


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