Friday, March 12, 2010

Penang Night View

Penang Night View

These are two of the several other shots I took when visiting "Kek Lok Si" Temple during Chinese New Year this year. Unfortunately, the light decorations were switched off a short while after we reached the destination. So what's left for the rest of the night? Penang night view + drinks at Coffee Island. My advice for you is, don't ever go there for coffee unless you really don't mind tasting terrible drinks at all.

Penang Night View

Penang night view that I once get to admire every night.

Penang Night View

A shot taken from Gurney Drive.


  1. mmm look bit dark ... not reeallly can see hehehe

  2. CH Voon:
    What u wanna see? The buildings?
    I like the first shot ^^


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