Friday, March 5, 2010

Choosing My New Pet

Pets Galore: Guinea Pig

My boi has got me a new pet from Pets Galore this afternoon. Now, have a blind guess which of these did I actually choose to bring home with me?

A. The chubby guinea pig.

Pets Galore: Big Head Gold Fish

B. The adorable Lion Head Goldfish.

Pets Galore: Little Mouse

C. The cute little mouse.

Pets Galore: Blue Tongue Lizard

D. The freakish Australian Blue Tongue Lizard / skink.

Before you leave, there is something funny that I'd like you to see...

Cute? Funny? Or both?


  1. u look funny la... hahaha cute!

    i hope it is not number D - disgusting!

    i hope is A!

  2. CH Voon:
    You find the lizard is disgusting too? LoL~ I do hope to get a gunea pig but I chose something else :S

    Nope xD

    Haha, thanks!~


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