Monday, March 1, 2010

My First Google Cheque

My First Google Cheque

Woohoo, I've finally got my very first Google cheque one month after both my payment requests from Google Adsense and Nuffnang Malaysia have been made. You wouldn't believe if I were to tell you that I'm still waiting for Nuffnang Malaysia to deliver my cheque all the way from KL to my hometown in Perak after two months. Anyway, just wanna thank Google Inc. for their efficiency in processing my payment ;)


  1. wah happy for you!

    know i know ur real name kekeke

    i think my google cheque ... i will get it when i reach 55 years old gua

  2. CH Voon:
    Thanks! And as you can see, that's my real name written on the cheque :P

    Why do u have to wait until you're 55?

    Erm, quite a lot I think, since it's just an extra income for me ;)

  3. because not much money i can earn from Google lo hahahaa maybe before 55, i oledi banned by google as well. Just like happen to a lot of bloggers.

  4. if depend on google cheque for my casee.... my family mati kelaparan lo hahaha

  5. CH Voon:
    Mind if I ask why did Google banned you? Is it because of sponsored post or vulgarity? LoL~

    I know... that's why I never really depend on ads income to feed me :P

    And thanks, my name doesn't sound nice when you pronounce it. It only sounds better if you were to call my Chinese name =x


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