Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Western Styled Dinner + Gathering

Home-Cook: Western Styled Dinner

Last Sunday, we were invited by our friends to join them dinner somewhere in Student Village. I was told that the chef of the day, Richmond was gonna cook us a western styled dinner. So, there I was, a few hours earlier to help out a little here and there. I also managed to steal some recipes from him too :P

Home-Cook: Western Styled Dinner

Fresh ingredients gathered from Sunday Market and some others.

Home-Cook: Western Styled Dinner

Tada~ The dinner is finally all on the table!
Now, lemme introduce you to the dishes prepared by the great chef...

Home-Cook: Western Styled Dinner

100% Homemade Mushroom Soup.

Home-Cook: Western Styled Dinner

Homemade Mashed Potato (the best dish of the night) & Bacon Rolls.

Home-Cook: Western Styled Dinner

Roasted Lamb Racks.

Home-Cook: Western Styled Dinner

Roasted Beef. The meat was slightly over-cooked, according to them.

Home-Cook: Western Styled Dinner

BBQ Chicken, pre-marinated.

Home-Cook: Western Styled Dinner

When you get sick of all those meat you had, it's good to have some refreshing salad.
I like it more in Italian dressing though ;)


  1. richmond is back in twb! he has started his job there as a chef (in a chinese restaurant if not mistaken)?

  2. emotionalistic:
    Oh well, that was a meal that fed 10 of u xD

    Yeah, he came back somewhere in February... And he's still working at AG Computers for now ;)

  3. Your friend – what course he took?
    He is damn good! All the food ‘s presentation look nice and color as well.
    About taste ar… not sure… never try never know.

  4. CH Voon:
    He used to be a Chef :P
    Those dishes he prepared were actually quite nice. I loved the mashed potato so much, but I'm not sure about the lamb and beef dishes though... u know, I'm a non-beef + non-lamb eater :P


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