Monday, August 3, 2009

Home-Cooking: Cheese Baked Oysters and More...

I finished my class at 6 pm today and I really feel like cooking so much although I was pretty tired after a long, long day. My boi came to pick me up after the class, together we went to Clifford Gardens to grab some fresh seafood and other ingredients needed for dinner tonight. Here are the dishes we prepared...

Home-Cooking: Cheese Baked Oysters

Cheese Baked Oysters: Wash the oysters with clean water and remove the access water, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice on each oyster and topped with shredded Parmesan cheese and dried parsley. Put them in the oven for around 10 minutes at 150c.

Home-Cooking: Garden Salad with Italian Dressing

Garden Salad with Italian Dressing: Green and red cabbages, lettuce, carrot, and cherry tomato. We also made Hikari instant miso soup.

Home-Cooking: Deep Fried Whole Sole

Deep Fried Whole Sole: Remove the fish scales without damaging the skin and rub a little bit of salt on both sides of the fish. Deep fry the whole sole in hot oil until the outer layer is golden brown and crispy. Then, serve the dish with soy sesame and ginger sauce, ginger slices, garlic minces, cut chillies, and coriander.

Home-Cooking: Honey Soy BBQ chicken Wings

Honey Soy Chicken Wings: Marinate the chicken wings with dark soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, salt, sesame oil, and pepper powder. Pre-heat the oven for 10 minutes at 200c, then place the chicken wings in the middle of the oven for another 10 minutes before adjusting the temperature to 150c for the last 30 minutes.

Chocolate Creamy Rice Dessert

WeightWatchers Chocolate Creamy Rice Dessert: A delicious rice pudding smothered in a rich chocolate flavored sauce. Simply remove the foil lid, place in microwave and cook on HIGH for approximately one and a half minutes. Let stand for 1 minute, then it's ready to be served!


  1. Ha Ha, nice ! Yummy !!!

  2. wow!!! great chef...!!!! GOnna learn more from u. Although I like to cook, but I think I can't as good as u la... Salute gal.. hehehe.. btw, this dinner is juz for u and ur boy?? if so, then it would be many o... ><

  3. Wow. You can really cook huh? *Envy* All these for 2 person?

    Share more recipe with us, ya? Hehe...

  4. @Alex: Yup, very yummy!!! The "experiment" was a success ^^v

    @:: yvonne :: Thanks! xD But I never really follow any recipe books at all, not sure if you'll like them or not. Btw, my boi has big appetite and he actually ate most of them, hehe...

    @emotionalistic: Yeah, those were for two persons ;) I love cooking and mostly I just learn from watching.

  5. look really nice la...

    sometime i feel that this is the advertisement of some restaurant...

    sure or not (you not take some photos from the restaurant hehehe)

    anyway, i believe you are the good chef

    i should call you Chef Christanyy

  6. @CH Voon: LoL, I really cooked all those dishes I posted here in my blog, all by myself and my boi did help me out sometimes :P

    Aiyoyo, just chef Christina will do, without the double y please, else it'd sounds like "Christineh", abu neh neh =x

  7. omg...christina, i must give u a big bow to you....ur home cook food really stunned me...looks so fresh and like restaurant standard ler...with the presentation!

  8. @vialentino: Thanks, via ;) Hehe, I'm just trying to achieve the 3 basic requirements of cooking, which are "looks good", "smells good", and "tastes good".

  9. @Josephine: Yup, it was such a wonderful dinner, I'd love to prepare something more special next time ;)


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