Friday, July 31, 2009

Curly Hair with Remington Identity (Photo Premier)

Curly hair:19mm Remington Hair Curler

I have been maintaining my long straight hair ever since I was 11, and I must admit that I do adore straight hair a lot since I was naturally born with it. Within the past 13 years, I tried a variety (different length) of layered hair styles but they didn't look much different 'cause my intention was always to keep it as straight as possible, and I always complaint about every single new hairstyle I get from the hair salon (weirdo? I am). But recently, I've opened up my mind and heart to try out something different, which is to curl my long straight hair.

Curly hair:19mm Remington Hair Curler

In order to do so, I need a lot of encouragement from my loved ones, especially my sis. She likes to change her hairstyle so frequently, while me on the other hand always having the same old boring hairstyle. This morning, I unwrapped the Remington Identity Multi Styler With Ceramic which I got from Harvey Norman Toowoomba. The original price was around $54 but it was selling at only $33 that day. Previously, I did some browsing on the internet about hair curler, and there was this Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 3/4" Spiral Styler that gets lots of good compliments on youtube and other bloggers too. I wanted to get one for myself but unfortunately, they only do shipping in US and Canada but not Australia.

Curly hair:19mm Remington Hair Curler

I started by reading the "Use & Care Instruction Manual", the 9.5mm tong is for tight curls, 19mm tong for cute curls, and 32mm tong is for romantic curls. I chose 19mm tong with "Fine" switch setting 'cause I was afraid that high temperature might actually damage my hair (I definitely do not wish that to happen). The overall process was tiring and time consuming, and I looked a bit clumsy too! It took me an hour long to curl all my hair for the very first time. I, myself was pretty satisfied with the outcome. What do you think? Have I done a really good job here?

Remington Identity Multi Styler With Ceramic

Remington Identity Multi Styler With Ceramic
  • Straightening Attachment with Ceramic Coating
  • Switch setting: Thick/Fine/Off
  • Swivel cord
  • Locking Ring
  • Brush sleeve attachment for the 19mm tong
  • Brush sleeve attachment for the 32mm tong
  • 9.5mm tong with ceramic coating
  • 19mm tong with ceramic coating
  • 32mm tong with ceramic coating
  • 4 sectioning clips
  • Storage bag
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty


  1. Wao.. your update really really fast!~~

    You really free la... no need work or study one ar? @@"

    Your time management really too pro!

  2. I bought one of these 2 years ago and now I'm so lazy to use it anymore :P. No doubt, having a curler means you can always fall back to your straight hair anytime you want. But if you think you like the curls and look good in it, i suggest you get permanent culrs....but it's really up to you :). From the pics, I can say you look good in curly hair ;). So do consider of getting permanent curls :).

  3. yalor i agree with elims, you are really free... update the blog so fast hahaha.

    Why? if you have curly hair, they like to have straight hair e.g. my wife hehehe she is curly hair.

    anyway, change hair style is good... but destroy your hair too :(

  4. @elims Chuang 光宏: I am studying, but I do know how to manage my time though. =P
    No matter how busy I am, still I'll try my best to update my blog, even if I have to sacrifice my sleeping time sometimes...

    @emotionalistic: Thanks for your good advice, mostly people think I look good in curly hair too! ^^v
    For the time being, I do not intend to get permanent curls yet, but I'll take that into consideration ;)

    @CH Voon: LoL, not as free as you think @_@"
    So your wife wants to have straight hair instead? It was my first time curling my hair with low temperature, I think it should be alright.
    I have thick hair, and I never dye / color my hair before...

  5. haha XD now u look more charm in curl haird XD pretty!

  6. sure u wanna do it? curly hair will make ppl looks much mature one wor...hehehe...just my vision only.....maybe looks nice on u ...

  7. @marccus: Thanks, marccus!!! I feel glad to get so many positive feedback up to until now ;)

    @vialentino: Yeah, I already did it but it's just for temporary. Didn't u notice? Hehe xD

  8. nowadays, i lost lot time to my baby.. TT

  9. why dont you try to cut your hair so short lah?? i'll be very interesting! :)

  10. @elims Chuang 光宏: You should be thankful that you're able to stay beside your baby and watching him growing up every day ;) It's beautifully amazing...

    @YULI: I'd love to do so BUT I don't think short hair really suits me at all =x


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