Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to Pick the Right Shoes

For the past few days, I've been my spending my free time watching Queen (女人我最大), the famous Taiwanese entertainment show on Youtube. While browsing through the list, I came across this episode which released two months ago and it teaches us how to pick the right / suitable shoes according to the shape of your feet (抢救问题脚型怎么挑鞋). I found that the tips / information given by those experts are really useful and they have really benefited me a lot. If you don't feel comfortable when wearing those shoes / heels you bought in the past, maybe you should spend some time watching this episode too. It also guides you to the latest trends in women's summer shoes of 2009.

女人我最大20090701 抢救问题脚型怎么挑鞋Part 1

女人我最大20090701 抢救问题脚型怎么挑鞋Part 2

女人我最大20090701 抢救问题脚型怎么挑鞋Part 3

女人我最大20090701 抢救问题脚型怎么挑鞋Part 4

女人我最大20090701 抢救问题脚型怎么挑鞋Part 5

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