Monday, August 17, 2009

Shopping at GUESS Queen Street Mall

Queenstreet Mall: Guess Outlet

We were in this Guess outlet store at Queen Street Mall. The main intention was to drop off the faulty Guess Princess Small Satchel my boi got for our 4th anniversary for repair.

Queenstreet Mall: Guess Outlet

Some photos taken while waiting for the busy counter person.

Queenstreet Mall: Guess Outlet

Checking out the latest batch of Guess new arrivals.

Queenstreet Mall: Adidas Outlet

Trying on a pair of Adidas sneakers in striking gold color.

Sunnybank: Malayan Corner Restaurant

After we sent Alex off to the Gold Coast Airport, we had dinner at Malaya Corner (旺角), one of the Chinese restaurants here in Sunnybank.

Malayan Corner Restaurant: Penang Lobak

I finally had a taste of "Penang Lobak" after two freaking years!!!
Simply loved the wraps, and they were so crispy and delicious ;)

Malayan Corner Restaurant: Hainam Chicken Rice

Hainam / Hainan Chicken Rice (海南鸡饭).

Malayan Corner Restaurant: Coconut Chicken with Rice

Coconut Chicken with Rice.


  1. i saw Penang Lobak! XD wakaka

  2. how is the taste of Hainam Chicken rice? good or not.... better that ipoh chicken rice? hehehe

  3. wa...your photo taken using hp nia? so clear wor~~ geng!!

  4. GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち:
    I agreed, love them in black color ;)

    Yes!!! Penang Lobak made in Australia :P

    CH Voon:
    The Hainam Chicken Rice was delicious, it's hard to get any better chicken rice here in Australia.
    I never taste Ipoh Chicken Rice before, although my hometown is in Perak, LoL =x

    elims Chuang 光宏:
    Yeah, the first four photos were taken using iPhone 3G. And I did photoshop them a little bit though ;)


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