Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mysterious Parcel from Nuffnang Australia

Freebies from Nuffnang AU

The postman attempted to deliver me a parcel yesterday at 3 pm, but unfortunately I was in the middle of a workshop held at USQ during that time. By the time I got home, I received a notice in my mailbox asking me to pick up a parcel from the nearest post office. I was a bit shocked at first, wondering who could that sender possibly be and what's inside that mysterious parcel.

Freebies from Nuffnang AU

So, I woke up early in the next morning to collect the mysterious parcel (which I still have no idea what it was). After some identification procedures, the lady at post office handed over a brownish rectangular box to me, and that was when I caught a glimpse of the "We Bloggers" logo by Nuffnang Australia.

Freebies from Nuffnang AU

I was holding that parcel with me throughout the India Independence Day celebrations which took place at the USQ Quad from 12 to 2 pm. Most of my friends who met me were so eager to find out what was actually inside the 1.5kg box. Gradually, I opened it up and there was this envelope laying on a thin blue layer of wrapping paper.

Freebies from Nuffnang AU

It was a thank-you letter and a $10 worth Coles Group & Myer Gift Card.

Freebies from Nuffnang AU

These are the rest of the goodies sponsored by Spring Valley, John West, Leggos, and Redken. I don't know why, but I really thought it was a mug or something made of ceramic in the very first place. Still, it was pretty cool to receive such thoughtful rewards from them.

Orange Blackground

Last but not least, I'd like to offer up a big "THANK YOU" to both Nuffnang Australia and Nuffnang Malaysia. I'm sure the Challenge 1000 project would be a success in no time! And if you're keen enough to join this blogging community, better hurry up to sign-up now (with me as the referral, thanks). Who knows? You might get these goodies delivered to your doorstep as well! Good Luck ;)


  1. Thanks for the great post! We love having you on the team- good luck with Challenge 1000!
    xx Candice @ Nuffnang Australia

  2. It's nice of them to send a welcome gift like that - I wonder what the postage is costing them?

    I'm pretty old school, I don't like ads on blogs, so I won't be joining, but I wanted to pop by and comment anyway. :)

  3. candice.deville:
    Hi Candice, you're most welcome ;) I'd like to thank you and the rest of the team members too.

    Yeah, thanks Katie ^^ The postage cost them around AU $12.70 (for my case).
    I think it's pretty cool for not having ads on your blog, I just do it for some extra side-income.

  4. Looks good!

    I love present!!!!!! and chicken! I want to join! hahahahaha

  5. wah so good to hear that!

    Wooo.... but those items not suitable to men right? all lady things hehehe

    maybe nuffang want you to open a branch there ke hahaha?

  6. Netster:
    Chicken?! LoL~ I don't think you can join it. You have to be in Australia at least =P

    CH Voon:
    Erm, not really, I think they're quite suitable for guys too. Redken is just the haircare products for unisex.
    LoL, open a branch? Not in Toowoomba! I'm living in a very small town. They should consider Brisbane or Gold Coast maybe...

  7. 谢谢你~不但是谢谢你的支持,也是谢谢你给我的意见~我会勇敢的~~^^

  8. Have been reading your blog for quite a while. Like it loads because you have some really nice photos...

    And most important is, the blog reminds me of all those good old days in USQ, Toowoomba. Miss the place, loads :)

  9. waseh! You got a fan dy! hahahahah your school so nice ah? old uncle like me still can study there or not? I really wish someday I can still continue study.

    After I got kick out from school in secondary school (because of my long hair LOL) I have never return to school.

    Okay I'll like to go back to school!

  10. Bubuweiwei:

    Hi YT, thanks for reading my blog, really appreciated it!
    I'm sure that someday after I leave Toowoomba, I'll definitely miss this place... a lot.
    So the least thing I could do now is to cherish and enjoy my every single day here ;)

    Yeah, of course you can continue studying no matter how old you are!
    LoL, did they give you any kind of warning before kicking u out from the school? I thought boys keeping long hair in secondary school is not a serious offense...

  11. gift....must read properly to sign far i like nuffnang...very efficient in payment...

  12. vialentino:
    Yeah, I like Nuffnang too! But I have not make any withdrawal so far xD


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