Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday's Gathering Party

Lucia's Gathering Party

Lucia has organized a little gathering party over her place last night, both my boi and I were invited. The party started at 8 pm but I only managed to rush to the party at around 9 pm.

Lucia's Gathering Party

Playing Presidents & Assholes, an Americanized version of 大富豪/大贫民. Basically, it's a card game for three or more in which players race to get rid of all of the cards in their hands in order to become President in the following round.
Lucia's Gathering Party

We also played some other drinking games accompanied by homemade cookies and cakes, some snacks, and drinks like cider, cocktail, beer and whiskey.

Lucia's Gathering Party

My cards. There were 7-8 people playing each round.

Lucia's Gathering Party

Another group of people chit-chatting in the living area.

Ferrero Rocher

A 375g box of Ferrero Rocher from my boi, my bear bear likes it too!


  1. Hello,

    you have a great blog. I loved the pictures:)

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  2. nice gathering !
    i also just bck home from gathering...@@"

  3. Looks like so much fun. What time did you all get back from the gathering? In the morning? :P

  4. Kenny Surtani:
    Hi Kenny, thank you for your compliments and visit ;)

    Hehe, what kinda gathering did u attend? BBQ, yumcha or others?

    Yeah, we really had fun playing games and laughing out loud.
    That night, I got back home at around 1 am, not too late I guess xD

  5. and liquor and rocher chocs....wat a nice party...wish i can join in too.

    too bad, no time to organize party @ my place already...

  6. vialentino:
    Hehe, most of your time already spent taking care of your baby, which is a good thing ;)

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