Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zoo York Sneakers and Mini Party

City Beach: Zoo York Sneakers

My sharp eyes "detected" the coolest pair of Zoo York sneakers at City Beach today.
Zoo York is an American company which is well-known for its clothing and skateboards.

City Beach: Zoo York Sneakers

Although I adore this pair of fashion sneakers very, very much but AU $149.90 is really a bit too pricey for me. What do you think?

Mini Party:Snacks

Last night, we were invited to a mini party held at Mandy's unit. They served us with some finger food like roasted chicken wings and some snacks (cheese popcorn, peanuts, Doritos, and biscuits) as well.

Mini Party: Drink, Drank, Drunk

We met some new friends introduced by my boi's friends, you know friends of friends.
It's most likely one of the good ways to expand your social network these days.

Mini Party:Red Wines

Two bottles of red wine, you have no idea how much I hate them, the red wine I mean >.<"

Mini Party:Beer Caps

Some drinking games we played, and these were just the small part of the "combat gains".


  1. this is not mini party....a mini alcohol party shud be the right name for it....

    zoo york sneakers...very funny name but should be expensive sneakers rite?

  2. vialentino: Hehe, but not anyone was drinking that night. The main idea was just to get together and have fun.

    Yep, they're quite expensive, AU $150 per pair, which is around RM450 =x

  3. That's a nice spread of snacks =D

  4. butt the beer finished drink? if not, send some bottle for me hahaha :P

  5. Stanley:
    Yeah, you should try those cheese popcorn here, they taste salty ;)

    CH Voon:
    I don't like the taste and smell of beer. Anyway, I think it's cheaper to buy beer in Malaysia rather than me posting them to you, including the postage fees and stuff :P

  6. wow.. the sneaker look funky.. nice..

  7. -ritchie-:
    Yes, it is!!! And I love it very much >.<"


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