Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Supremo Pizza + "Chor Tai Tee"

Papa Guiseppi's Supremo Pizza

Lately, we had been staying up REALLY late, partially was to watch movies and the HK drama called "缘来自有机”. Another reason is because both of us were having Easter holidays and I, myself on the other hand was off from work for one whole week. How awesome could that be?!

In this late afternoon around half-past-five, after we had our late brunch, three of us started to play "Chor Tai Tee" which is also known as "Cho Tai Tee" or simply called "Tai Tee". In between 5.30 p.m. to almost 12 midnight, we only stopped for a very short while to bake the Papa Guiseppi's Supremo pizza for dinner. As the rest of the time, we just played and laughed, laughed and played...

I believe you could hardly imagine playing "Chor Tai Tee" non-stop for 6 hours with no money involved?! Sometimes, the games would turn out to be so much more fun and exciting with just a little twists and turns. I'm always prepared, and surely looking forward for the next coming round!

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