Sunday, March 23, 2008

Test Your Typing Speed

What about you? Hehe, I was wondering around the Internet just now, seeking for some entertainment to kill my boredom. Eventually, I got myself to a Speedtest website where you get to test your typing speed online and I found it's really fun to play around with.

The result in the end will show how many characters you've actually typed within one minute and how many of they are correct / wrong words. Of course, you'll be able to type more words if you don't bother rectifying the misspellings. Don't forget to share the results with me after you've completed the test, good luck and have fun!

OH MY GOD!!! This is so embarrassing!!! My "highest achievement" is only 68 words per minute, sigh... I bet I'm the slowest typist among all of you.


  1. hello do... view my blog to find out how much i can type... ^_^

  2. unclejosh:

    Good day, my friend! I'm gonna check it out later, thanks!~

  3. I'm actually slower :( . 48 words

  4. vontrack:

    Hehe, try more! U might hit more after warming up your fingers =D


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