Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gold Coast's Dreamworld: Random Photos

Fire Station

Fire Brigade

Vintage Cars

The Giant Crocodile

IMAX Theatre

Dreamworld is the only Queensland theme park which has IMAX Theatre, it's six massive storeys of mega blockbuster action and 400 seats air-conditioned theatre.

IMAX Theatre: Big Brother

Souvenir Stores

The Market Place & Foot Hall

Food Hall: Peacock

I've spotted a peacock and other big birds seeking for food in the food hall.

Fairy Tale Treasures: The Wicked Witch

My boi

You'll get to find out the height requirement for rides at any place.

Tiger Island

Left to right: My boi, Sean, Andrea, Kodomo, and Cynthia.

Tiger Island: Group Photo

Left to right: Unknown, Chris, Me, Steve, and Keith.

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