Thursday, March 27, 2008

Domino's Hawaiian Cheese Burst Pizza

Domino's Hawaiian Cheese Burst

I got a hot sizzling Domino's Hawaiian Cheese Burst Pizza delivered to my boi this afternoon, but what does "Cheese Burst" mean? It's actually a type of pizza crusts / bases. Domino's Pizza offers two major category of crusts: Famous and Indulgent. The "Famous" crusts are Classic Crust, Deep Pan, and Thin 'n' Crispy. "Indulgent" crusts, on the other hand, are The Edge, Cheese Burst, and Triple Cheese.

Both my boi and I are cheese lovers, so I decided to have a try on the Cheese Burst. As you can see clearly in the photo above, there is a thick layer of creamy cheese dripping out of the classic and wafer thin crust. The pizza tasted extremely yummy and we loved it very much!!!


  1. man! hungry...

    hug hug long time no see :)

  2. netster:

    *cuddles* Yeah, long time no see! *bear hugs*

  3. few days ago i met a sales man, introduce me this piza, and he is selling me voucher, RM25 and the voucher are worth more that that, but i am not sure the voucher really come out from this company or not... so did not buy it :(

  4. icalvyn:

    Hmm, why didn't you call up the company to have a check on the vouchers?

  5. Woo, makes me hungry for a moment. So cheeeeeeesy

  6. vontrack:

    Haha, you should try this out someday! It's really tasty =D~

  7. johnnykiu:

    Yup, it's very nice indeed!~

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  9. Anonymous:
    Thanks and hope to see you around!


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