Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gold Coast's Dreamworld: Gold Rush Country

Gold Rush Country

Rocky Hollow Log Ride

Just a friendly reminder, please bring along a towel, extra Tees, and pants / shorts with you if you wish to get wet with Rocky Hollow Log Ride and Thunder River Rapids Ride. Unless, you wanna sun-dry your wet clothes on you or bare naked under the hot sun.

Rocky Hollow Log Ride

Climb aboard the hollowed-out logs as they traverse the watercourse, climb the aquaduct and then hurtle down the ramp at 50 km per hour.

Thunder River Rapids Ride

All aboard the Thunder River Rapids for a white water raft ride that takes you through Gold Rush Country and out back of beyond. The rafts rush down a foamy, water track at speeds of up to 45km per hour, negotiating deep troughs on their turbulent journey home.

Temporary Tattoos

Potter's Cottage Straight Shooter

Gold Rush Country: Peeking at Somebody

Helicopter Joyflights

The flight time of Helicopter Joyflights (Dreamworld and Whitewater World Local) is approximately 5 minutes. It costs around 60 dollars each for adults and 50 dollars each for children.

Helicopter Flights

Helicopter Joyflights: Lading in Progress

Helicopter Joyflights:  Successfully Landed


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