Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm So Sick...


I've been vomiting since last night, right after I came back from my evening class. Whatever goes in my mouth comes out through my mouth too. I'm feeling so sick, so weak, so suffer... I can't eat, can't sleep, the feelings are killing me! I felt like crying at the moment I was throwing out, cause it was such a real pain to me and my tears were bursting. I didn't attend any of my classes today, didn't even go to work. Now, the fever has gone away but left me headache and dizziness.

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  1. i hate vomit wan leh, really so damn suffer, i once had been vomiting like 2 days :(

    anyway, had u seen any dr yet? take good care and dun drink anything which will trigger it such as milk or cheese, take care and get well soon ;)

  2. yipguseng:

    I started to feel like vomiting after I had a slice of cheesecake in the afternoon >.<" I haven't seen any doctor yet cause the doctor in our uni has been fully booked with appointments in these 2 days =( Thanks a lot for your little tips and concern ^^v


    Thanks a lot, annna! *cuddles* *touched*

  3. Hope you are ok now.Those bugs likes to make plp sick.I think it's the fever that make you throwing out.GEt well soon!*hugs*

  4. sweetiepie:

    I feel better now, after I took those medicine. Thanks sweetie!~

  5. hmm.. what's wrong with twb right now ar... my friend also got rashes suddenly.. happened for the 1st time.. anyway, get well soon.

  6. haan:

    I had itching rashes when I 1st arrived toowoomba, that time was winter. The weather was cold and dry... Thanks for caring! ^^


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