Thursday, January 19, 2012

Compilation of Everyday Life

I sort of mixed and put everything together in one post today, not because I'm lazy or maybe I am, a tiny winy bit after a long day of work (─‿‿─) Moreover, I think it's unnecessary, both time and energy wise, to create separate posts just to include all these photos taken on different days and occasions. So there you go, a compilation of moments in my everyday life.

Daily Dose: Gingerbread Man

Saw this Gingerbread Man plus toy in Myer selling at $12 only.

Daily Dose: Guesss Slipper
The Guess slippers that I've been keeping my eyes on for a while ❤

Daily Dose: Guesss Slipper
What do you think? Pweety? Not saying my toes obviously. Best thing is, you could grow few inches taller without suffering your feet.

Daily Dose: Rainy Day
It was drizzling yesterday when we headed out.

Daily Dose: Groceries Shopping
To do our routine groceries shopping in Coles.

Daily Dose: Cheezels
Cheezels!!! My diet plan failed miserably but still managed to shake off 2-3 pounds somehow ;p

Daily Dose: Homemade Caesar Salad
Some homemade Caesar salad with bacon and hard boiled egg we prepared for dinner last night. Economical, nutritious and tasty!

Daily Dose: Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Day! The ring (from Diva) matches perfectly with the white tee I got from Disneyland Hong Kong.

Daily Dose: Indoor Picnic
Days ago, friends suggested an outdoor picnic somewhere in Crows Nest, but plan changed due to the rainy weather. We had an indoor picnic instead.

Daily Dose: Indoor Picnic
The outfit I wore that day, cape top and skinny jeans.

Daily Dose: Indoor Picnic
Delicious treats brought by everyone. Sushi, sandwiches, BBQ chicken wings, fried dumplings, grilled sausages, fruit salad, cookies, and soft drinks.


  1. Dear Christina
    i love your Guess sandals & would like to get a pair. If u dont mind, what is the wedges name or the code number. Im going to find it in the nearest store soon. Thanks


    1. Hi Noreen, sorry to disappoint you but I really have no idea what the product code is. I was just trying on them =3


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