Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sugars and Spices of Life

MinkPink's Wavy Lace Singlet
Me wearing Quirky Circus by Mink Pink. It's a white wavy lace singlet I got from Myer. Actually, I already posted some of the photos here on Instagram, you must have noticed if you've been "stalking" me on Facebook and Twitter lately. Let's say, this is more like the extended version with further elaboration and details? I love and enjoy taking photos with my iPhone 4S so far, but how I wish the front camera could capture better images rather than just VGA-quality.

Zarraffa's Creme Chocolate Fusion
The weather is getting warmer and warmer these days. A refreshing ice-cold beverage was more than just helpful in easing the thirst and cooling down the summer-heat in our bodies.

Zarraffa's Creme Chocolate Fusion
Zarraffa's Crème Chocolate Fusion with average taste, not impressed.

Alex Perry Black-Frame Spectacles
Spectacles hunting in progress. What do you think about this square black framed glasses by Alex Perry? I'm trying to look for something black and big here. You know, so that my face would visually appear to be a tiny bit smaller ;p

Big Birdie: Angry Bird
Look!!! I found a big, round, spongy Red Bird that Angry Birds fans are dying for!!!

Home-made Chicken Glutinous Rice (糯米鸡)
My BB was in a cooking mode all of a sudden and made me some delicious Chicken Glutinous Rice (糯米鸡) few days ago. Knowing that glutinous rice is not good for people with bad stomach, due to its high content of starch that is harder to digest, he substituted it with white rice which did not affect the flavor at all.

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