Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sneak Peak of San's Farewell Party

San's Farewell Party

Sorry guys, I've just been totally obsessed with Korean dramas like Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss lately, and my newly created Kim Hyun Joong die-heart fan page (do drop by to show some love and support if you happen to be one of his fans, not necessary a die-heart one though). Anyways, I'll post more photos of San's farewell party later tomorrow, as I still need to work tonight and getting her to the Gold Coast Airport after that. Stay tuned and hope y'all have a rainbow weekend til then, cheers!


  1. Is that a hairband or hairclip on your hair?

  2. Yvon S:
    Thanks Yvon! ^^ I got that dress few days ago and it happens to match my hairband so well with the black laces, ribbons and all ;)

    It's a hairband, my dear =)

  3. I have not downloaded all the songs... The mp3 seem to jumble up in my iTunes.


  4. Netster:
    Haha, okay! But if you really wanna listen to the good ones, just ask me k? ;)


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