Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love GUESS Necklace

Act Cute 1

The first thing I wanna say out loud is... "I'm feeling so good today!"
I guess the weather does affect my mood a lot huh?

Act Cute 2

These were the photos taken before our departure to the Spring Bluff Historical Railway Station & Gardens *feeling excited for no reason*

Act Cute 3

And if you notice, I did put a tiny little effort to make myself appear to be more charming and endearing today (despite the silver I Love Guess Necklace which I was wearing). I ain't sure if those are the right words to describe myself but who cares =P

Act Cute 4

It's just a quick update anyway. I'm gonna head back to where I'm suppose to heading to now... Queens Park! Tee-hee =D I don't wanna miss out the Christmas Wonderland which has already started about 15 minutes ago. Ciao!~

P.S. 冬至快乐!Happy Winter Solstice!


  1. cute :) Merry Christmas in advance babe

  2. HO hO HO

    It won't be fun without me there :p

    Ho Ho Ho

    Any wishes for Christmas this year? Ho ho ho Santa is listening Ho Ho Ho

  3. Yvon S:
    Thanks babe~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! <3

    LoL~ Since when did you become a Santa huh? I only have one Christmas wish which is... a miracle... to have normal eyesight (able to see things clearly without wearing glasses), is it even possible? :p

  4. Ho Ho Ho

    ofcoz you can my dear child Ho HO Ho

    All you need to do is don't always see leng chai... you're would return to normal ASAP Ho Ho Ho...

    ((tut.... polar express is heating up... see you are the North Pole... tuuuuuttttt!!!)


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