Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sweet Dessert Shop Sunnybank (圆圆糖水铺)

Sweet Dessert Shop Sunnybank

While we were still having Korean barbecue, my boi excitedly suggested, "How about some desserts after dinner?". All of us knotted with yeses, lazily dragged our sore feet this little Sweet Dessert Shop (圆圆糖水铺) at the corner of Sunnybank Market Square / Sunnybank Plaza, not sure which exactly. It was raining heavily that time and I've got myself a hot dessert, while others ordered the cold ones.

Sweet Dessert Shop Sunnybank

Soy Custard with Red Bean & Tapioca (珍珠红豆豆花) - $4.10
Such a lovely combination of soy custard, red bean, and pearls, enjoyed it very much.

Sweet Dessert Shop Sunnybank

Sago with Mixed Fruits in Coconut Milk (综合水果椰奶西米露) - $4.70
Sadly, the dessert doesn't taste sweet and creamy enough.

Sweet Dessert Shop Sunnybank

Three Colors Shaved Ice (三色挫冰) - $4.70
It's more like a Taiwanese shaved ice topped with sweetened beans, glutinous rice balls, brown sugar syrup, and condensed milk.

Sweet Dessert Shop Sunnybank

The desserts are all available below $5.00.
We don't mind visiting here again in the future to try out some other flavors they have =)

Address: Shop 10, Market Square Sunnybank, 4109 QLD, Australia
Contact: (04) 22630001

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  1. I want Sago with Mixed Fruits in Coconut Milk! Look so delicious.

    I love anything that has Sago on it. If my girl could green bean without Sago I am so gonna be mad :D

  2. Netster:
    The dessert doesn't taste as good as it looks really... and I'm a sago lover too! I like sweet potato with sago and coconut milk =D~

    CH Voon:
    Hehe~ Which is your most favorite one?

    Me too! *high 5*


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