Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Windy

Today's the 1st day of our uni's mid semester break, everything seems normal under the bright sun except the weather... What's with the strong wind??? This afternoon when me and my boi went out for shopping, I was so scarred that my skirt might be blown up in public at any time. Luckily, it never happens... LoL

What would u do when you're bored to the extreme? Hehe, I'd play online games for sure! My bowman character in MapleStory (Aquila) has finally reached Level 72. Woohoo, congrats to myself! It's so cool to play with 3rd job skills especially strafe. Haih, my boi's ice mage already Level 81, how am I gonna catch up with him?!

By the way, I've received a shocking news from my sis via Gmail that my whole family had "Denggi" fever & they had been admitted to hospital for several days. I have no idea how did it happen but I surely do feel heartache when I 1st get to know about it. I'm here saying a prayer for them, hoping that they'll get well soon and stay healthy as always!


  1. dengue!!! I kena before!!! Damn weak that time... Damn mosquitoes!!!

    At any rate, as long as they're being taken care in hospital, they should be alright after awhile. But you should always give them moral support by calling them, eh?

  2. Sure thing ^_^ Thankz 4 ur care & share =D


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