Thursday, September 20, 2007

Indian Festival Invitation

This would be one of the dishes prepared by my mommy during CNY, kinda miss it... So I tried to make it myself as well, looks attractive? Tastes good too!~


Yesterday was the last day for the Indian festival (I've 4gotten the name somehow). We've tasted their famous "sweet rice" during the 1st day, the flavor is really weird & hard to accept ~.~


Both of us were invited to join their prayers in one of the units here. This is a hand-made flour idol by the Indians themselves.


A kilo(kg) of bananas cost around AUD 4.80 =X It's my 1st bite of banana ever since I get here... Fruits like kiwi, strawberry, apples, & others are a lot cheaper than tropical fruits.


My boi decides to have pizza for dinner since both of us feel kinda tired to cook. Today is extremely windy & cold even though it was sunny out there in the afternoon.

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