Saturday, September 8, 2007

Raining Days Please Go Away!

fried rice

Yay, finally I'm relief!!! These few weeks have been pretty hectic with many assignment deadlines. Like today, each of us just had a plate of fried rice in the afternoon until now. Grrr, I'm so hungry but it's really too late for food now. It has been raining for the past few days, the lowest temperature was 8 degree. Thank God it's not raining today, else I won't be able to do my laundry =x

I don't know why but my mood does get better when it comes to Friday =P I enjoy weekends a lot cause that's the only time we'll get to spend some time resting, shopping for groceries ^_^ Alright, it's really late here, time to take a rest and have a good night sleep. See y'all around! *huggiez*


  1. heya! :D wad coincidence?! i am currently bogged down with assignments as well, AND i had fried rice as well! LOL! just cos i couldn't be bothered cooking. :P and nice weather in toowomba? adelaide has been HAWT!

  2. Haha, da temperature for these 2 days is about 17-18 degree @ daytime and 9-10 @ nite time here.It has been raining during da past few days until ytd...


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