Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Today is my dearest mommy's birthday, unfortunately I can't be there for her to celebrate her sweet birthday. My mom, my sis & my bro are all sick in M'sia >.<" Is the weather there really that bad?! Lets pray for them to recover ASAP...

I was kinda surprised this morning when I first get up from my bed, I felt hot!!! Well yeah, It was 25 degrees!!! So far, this would be the highest temperature ever since I get here. My definition of hot is vary from others, so when I say, "It's hot", people will say, "It's really hot" =x

LoL, I know it ain't funny at all but I feel cold easily, that's why I'm saying all these. Oh by the way, our uni's mid semester break is just around the corner!!! A 2 weeks of break would be just nice for us to relax & prepare for the upcoming assignments @_@

* Happy Birthday, Mommy *
* I Love You, Muackz *


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