Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Siew Pak Choy with Minced Pork & Prawn

Home Brand rice snacks which I bought from Woolworth, Clifford Gardens. It tastes really nice & pretty cheap as well =D Here in Toowoomba, there are some other food / daily product suppliers like Black & Gold, Coles... they provide cheap stuff but definitely not all nice!!!

The ingredients needed are Siew Pak Choy (boiled until cooked), minced garlics (stir-fried), minced pork & prawns (marinated with salt, sesame oil, tapioca flour, white pepper, & egg yolks) & some black bean stir-fry sauce. This would be my self D-I-Y dish & it turns out to be so nice, ichiban!!!

Just making use of the dried bean curd that I managed to grab from Chinatown, Brisbane to make this simple soup with egg white, minced garlics, & pork pieces. First attempt... but still it tastes not bad after all =P

As you can see, I've been posting nothing else but food pix in my blog. There's nothing much happen in my daily life here, spending most of my time for studies (classes, assignments, revision), laundry, cooking, room keeping, online gaming...


  1. Woah! Nice & yummy food! U do all the cooking uself? U made a good wife someday! He! He! Have a nice day!

  2. *blushes* Hehe, yep I made 'em all by myself ^_- u have a nice day 2!


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