Monday, March 19, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

My boi and I watched this Spanish fantasy movie, Pan's Labyrinth after we came back from our college at 2.40 p.m today. It's like another "Bridge To The Terabithia" type of movie which links between real world and fantasy world of a little girl.

The poignancy of the film lies partly in the fact that the victories of the child are reflected so starkly by the failures of the adult world.

Ofelia settles down with her mother Carmen, recently remarried with the highly domineering Vidal, captain in the pro-Franco army. While the little girl struggles to get used to her new life, she discovers nearby the great family house a mysterious labyrinth. Pan, its faithful guardian, a strange magical and demonic creature, will reveal to her that she is none other than the princess who long ago disappeared from an enchanted realm. To discover the truth, Ofelia will have to face three dangerous trials that nothing on earth has prepared her for...

12 years old Ivana Baquero aka Ofelia

Hmm, what shall we order today ???

My boi's enjoying a hot Sakae Ocha

Such a big plate of Yaki Soba >.<"

Seafood Bibimba~

Unagi balls =P

o.O" so hot...

LoL, what's my boi doing? @_@

Muackz, I love to see my boi smiling in that way ^^

N-E-R-D-Y galgal

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