Monday, March 12, 2007

1 Day Trip 2 Kedah & Perlis (Part I)


My boo...

My sis...

Lovely flowers bought by Nancy and Wins for their goodfriend, Hui Xin who's graduating today.

A bunch of flowers which my sis bought for Hui Xin as well.

Galgal and boiboi snapping photos again...

Wait a minute... one more please ^^

My boi is acting "潇洒" (cool) in front of the camera, LoL

Old Country

Boiboi's waiting for his meal to be served.

Me, my boi, my sis, Nick, Nancy and Wins having lunch together at Old Country in Alor Setar.

Cheese Baked Portugal Spaghetti

Lets see what's inside... ta da !!!~

Cheese Backed Seafood Rice

This Grilled Chicken chop looks like the main course which my boi and I had in The Ship during Valentine's Day.

Wrapped Fish & Egg Rice which looks exactly like the one from KimGary.

Hmm, this Ice Lemon Tea looks familiar... we tasted it before at Hongkies Restaurant in E-Gate.

Ocean Tender~ 爱情海

With a scoop of peppermint flavor ice-cream ball on top =D

Gua Kelam

It took us about 45 minutes to get here from Kuala Perlis. My family and I had been here once but I don't really recognize the path.

Finally, we reached the end of this cave. The bridge was built as a secret path for communist party to travel between Perlis and Thailand.

A poem was written about the history of this place.

Phew, all of us were sweating all over >.<"

Kuala Perlis

Dinner at Hai Thien Restaurant. Yay, seafood =D~

Fried "Heh Goh" (Hokkien) aka "Lai Lui Har" (Cantonese) served with mayonnaise sauce and sesame on it *blink blink*

BBQ Crabbies aka "Peng Jim" (Hokkien) *grinz* muahaha, my favorite =P

Eeh, one bite has gone! Who have stolen it before I snap a photo of it?! *sob sob*

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