Friday, March 2, 2007

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ Queensbay Mall

Yesterday, KP, Desmond, my boi and I went to our college for USQ subject registration and also inquiry into on-campus study in Toowoomba, Australia. After that, we met up with another 2 friends of ours and had dinner together at KimGary, Gurney Plaza. Around 9.20 p.m, we went for the movie, Protege which was about to start soon. Louis Koo acted as such a despicable trafficker and he looked so funny in this movie, LoL!

Kenny Rogers Roasters

This evening, my boi and I had our dinner at Queensbay again ^^

Boiboi ate both of the Chocolate Muffins T_T

The new 1/4 Phoenix Chicken Set

1/4 Roasted Chicken (Pepper) set

Chubby galgal @_@

Omg, boiboi's smiling so happily until I can't see his eyes >.<"


  1. haha.. i din no u no desmond lee.. n were u the 1 att came wid kah peng to the bloggers' meet at egate??

  2. haha, we're coursemate since 5 years back ^^ yep i was da one in white =D


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