Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Penang Lantern & Acrobatic Carnival 2007

My last name...

My middle name...

My first name...

My boi's last name...

My boi's middle name...

My boi's first name...

My boi and I, my sis, Nick and Jojo entering the main door.
RM 15 for each adult and RM 8 for each child, luckily we have 4 free tickets.

10 bucks per piece, my boi, my sis and I did one for each of us.

玉米 + 馒头,忘了什么名堂 @_@

快乐天使 aka Happy Angels. This one looks creepy and my boi hates it, LoL!

龙凤(Dragon & Phoenix)


Another creepy piece of art.

Now, take a closer look...

滴水观音 (Drop Water Guan Yin)

面粉公仔 (Flour Toy)

Interesting acrobatic performance.

熊猫乐园 (Panda Paradise)

恐龙世界 (Dinosaur World)

Haha, what's that greeny thingy lying on the ground? It's a dead dinosaur =P

Creepy Fruit Street

Mini Animal Park

Dragon Wall

A closer view of Dragon Wall...

七仙女下凡 (Seven Faries down to earth) 好像地狱来的使者 >.<"

瓦瓷碗碟与汤匙制成的龙头 (Dragon head made of plates, bowls & spoon).

A giant fish...

栩栩如生的鱼和龙 .


卖火柴的小女孩 (The little girl who sells matches).


艺术家 “下笔如有神”

艺术画像 1


艺术画像 2
Both stall also have Osama as their 招牌画像, I wonder if he's really that famous in China ~.~

Inner Art...

60 bucks for each bottle. It's really amazing to see them drawing the inner of a bottle using a tiny little paint brush.

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