Thursday, March 29, 2007

Everyday is Happy Day

We bought something from F.O.S in Gurney Plaza today. The shop is now having "Buy 1 Free 1" promotion but only on selected items. I happen to like this mini skirt which is one of the promotion items and another free Tee (same price with my skirt) for my boi with number "14" on it.

We bought it cause of the number 14, which is also my birthday ^^


~ Sexy back ~

Sexy mini skirt but need to be extra careful when I'm wearing it.

Simply love the design that fits my body well.

I spot this brand new cherry coke when buying cold drinks at Cold Storage, Gurney Plaza. At first, I thought this is a brand new flavor but after I googled it... I found that it was already introduced in 1985. It has a really strong cherry flavor and tastes not so sweet compare to normal coke.

Zero fats but 42 g sugars.

Night Market in Air Itam

I received a call from my sis at 7.40 p.m. asking me whether if I wanna join them "lepak" at Air Itam night market. I was told to be picked up at 8 p.m. but end up reaching here at 8.30 p.m. As usual, people will only be late instead of being early.

When we reached there, I was surprised to see this huge area covered by different kind of stalls. Unfortunately, we just managed to walk a quater of it and a downpour came right after we reached Nick's car.

Whoa, my favorite "Lok Lok".

Nick bought some "Siu Mai" from this stall, the "taukeh" was very friendly to us.

I've bought some 咸酸甜 which I used to like but rarely eat now.

Wow, the "taukeh" made so much "Putu Mayung". Nick didn't let go of this too =x

So many candies which I used to buy when I was in primary school.

"珍珠奶茶", my all time favorite! I had a mint flavored just now.

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