Monday, March 5, 2007

元宵节快乐 (Happy Cap Goh Meh) !!!~

Steamboat @ My Hometown

The soup is boiling, yummy yum yum ^_^

Fresh ingredients prepared by mommy, my sis, Nick, and I =D~

It's about time to start steamboat-ing *droolz*

Sis and mommy busy eating...

Haha, it's good to know that there was an "Open House" going on in my hometown.

Nick, my sis and bro.

The Lion Dance was about to start but we didn't really have the time for it cause dinner was already set and ready for us >.<"

Kek Lok Si Temple

LoL, stupid boiboi smiling at me =P

Peace... ^^v


Woo, so many lanterns hanging on the ceiling @_@

Insanely pretty night view... =D

o.O" *blink blink*

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