Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steamboat Non-Stop

Steamboat Dinner 2

Two days before my friends invited us over for steamboat, my boi and I already steamboat-ed twice at home. I know that it sounds slightly overmuch to have steamboat 3 days in a row but what to do?! There are always heaps of ingredients left to be "resolved" on the next day.

Steamboat Dinner 2

Some of the ingredients prepared for that night...
The only 3 things I had were dumplings, cuttlefish balls, and mushrooms (those are my favorites).

Steamboat Dinner 1


Steamboat Dinner 2

Close-up of my favorite, Golden Mushroom.
Fresh ones always taste better than canned ones, no doubt about it!

Steamboat Dinner 1

Back to two days ago...

Steamboat Dinner 1

Lots of seafood (prawn and scallop), mushrooms (wood ear fungus and Chinese mushroom), and more.

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