Wednesday, July 21, 2010

♥ Love Heart ♥

USQ Guild Fun Day: Crazy Candles

Can anyone guess what is this purple brinjal / eggplant-looking thing on my hand?
The answer is apparently there but try not to cheat k =P

USQ Guild Fun Day: Crazy Candles

I did the dipping myself from scratch until it got to this size, the process was time-consuming but fun indeed! The carving and shaping part was then left to this lady over here.

USQ Guild Fun Day: Crazy Candles

It's named "Love Heart" and I'm giving it to my BB ♥

USQ Guild Fun Day: Crazy Candles

The final piece was a bit dark though, I should have thought of using a lighter color for the most outer layer but I chose dark purple instead of white. Please tell me that it doesn't look too bad =(


  1. Looks nice for first timer. A candle?

  2. Look so creative!

    I love it! You are always good in art huh! pls make something like my face? Please agagagaga

    It look so pretty and you must have use all your heart and attention to do it just like you would love me! ops! I mean just like cooking!

    I love it :)

    Check out my singing on my blog. I specially sing for you! LOL

  3. emotionalistic:
    Hey, thanks dear~ And you're right, it is a candle! ;)

    Hmm, something like your face? That would be very hard =.="

    LoL~ congratz! You've just won a smile from me =P

  4. you make one?

    You want me to speak honest or not?

    honest : not really look nice.

    lie : Look great!

  5. CH Voon:
    Yes, I did! It's okay, your criticism is accepted but... it was my first time making it k? =/

  6. I am sure he is just kidding /:)


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