Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can't Get More Random Than This

Random Self Potraits

Time flies, we have already came to the second half of the year in just a blink of eye. So many things happened in the past six months, some brought me joy and some brought me tears. I'm so glad that I've made them all through and keep smiling like I always do =) 

Random Self Potraits

As most of my loyal readers know, I don't write much details about my personal life. I may have shown you my happy and chubby face from time to time, but not my sad crying face with tears as nobody would want to see that in my blog right? =P

Random Self Potraits

Occasionally, I act cute and most of the time with the "V" pose.
I know it's boring but still it's better than not posing at all =x

Random Self Potraits

I used to wonder why do girls like to pose and take photos in a fitting room
or in front of any mirror they could possibly find within their eyesight.

Random Self Potraits

But now I know, you'll never like it until you start doing it yourself. It felt odd at the very beginning but you'll soon realize the fun and probably addicted to it after a while. NOT in the toilet though, NOT in a million years!

Random Self Potraits

In case you don't know, we're having two-week semester break here down under. Most people (at least those whom I know) are away and enjoying a nice relaxing holiday somewhere on this planet, while my boi and I are stuck in this quiet small town working and living our lives like usual.

Random Self Potraits

Don't get me wrong though, there is nothing wrong with this place. It's Australia's second largest inland city (after Canberra) afterall, and it's beautiful. What else could I ask for?

Random Self Potraits

Anyways, sorry if I bored you with my words.
Feel free to come back to see more photos of me and Preston Peak Winery =)


  1. after finish ur master... you plan come back to malaysia work? or work for your parent .... or....

  2. no worries...ur blog did not bored me at all...enjoy reading ur post and viewing ur pics very much!

  3. So what's your plan after you graduate?

  4. CH Voon:
    I'll be continue staying here and work, we don't have family business back in Malaysia =)

    Thanks, via! That's very sweet of you *huggiez*

    Just apply to be a permanent resident here and work ^^
    Hope everything works well this time!


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