Friday, July 23, 2010

Night View of Toowoomba

Toowoomba Night View: Picnic Point

The most awaited good news struck me this morning, when I checked my e-mail. It came right at the most perfect time and I can't feel any happier than I felt today! I've been worrying dead about this "something" which has puzzled me a lot lately. Knowing that everything has finally come to an end is such a great relief for me and in celebration of this, we planned to watch "Inception" after my boi finished his work. However, there was a slight change of plan when he got home. We went on an exciting little night drive to Picnic Point, and the outdoor temperature was around 5 - 6 degrees that time. I know, it was crazy as it sounded.        

Toowoomba Night View: Picnic Point

Even with gloves on, my fingers were cold and numb.

Toowoomba Night View: Stenner St.

At the crossroad of West Street and Stenner Street.


  1. you should have shared what's the good news :P

  2. haan:
    Hehe, I didn't wanna reveal too much... but since you've already asked me... I might as well tell you that... I passed all my exams!!! =^.^=

    Nope! I just told Haan that I passed my exams =D
    That means I have finally completed all my masters courses! *giggle*


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