Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love Me For Me

I haven't posted up any of my pictures recently, don't you miss seeing my face? *roll eyes*

And if you really do, please spend some of your quality time looking at these pictures...

Tell me what are the words that best describe me other than "cute"?


  1. You know something? You looks really pretty with your hair down. Should put down your hair more often :P.

  2. @emotionalistic: Aww, that was so sweet of u to say so, thanks girl *cuddle*

  3. Hahaha thats a LOT of self portraits for one post! But I have to agree with "emotionalistic", you do look good with your hair let down xP

  4. Stanley: Hehe, that was just a little bit of self-indulgent. Thanks, and I'm thinking of having curly hair soon! xD

  5. @Netster: What's with this one word comment? *faints*

  6. beside cute ar.... let me think ar..

    fat cute face ok?
    or nice smile face?
    or pretty girl?

    which one you prefer?

  7. @CH Voon: I definitely dislike the word "fat", the second and third ones are alright! :P

  8. lol.. marah ppl say fat pulak...@@"

    You know sometime boy love fat girl... i dun know why happen to be that also.. (not mean u fat la~~)

    Really cute and like your style! Just no money to '养' you if you are my girl girl.. >.<"


  9. Babe, I like your hoodie...where did you buy it? How much? I'll need 1 for my next winter vacation...Hehe...


  10. hahaha ok ok not fat for you hehehe

  11. wah...all ur pics...i was hoping got food and scenery pics...kekeke...

    kidding...very nice pics of u ler!

  12. elims Chuang 光宏: Where got angry? @_@" And why would u say so? Do u think it's a "burden" for u to have a gf like me? =x

    Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy: Hi sweetie, I got it from Suprè last year at AU $60 if I'm not mistaken ;) So where do u plan to go for your coming winter vacation?

    CH Voon: Haha, a better word to describe me is "chubby" xD

    vialentino: Oops, sorry >.<" I thought people was eager to see my face rather than food and scenery, no? LoL, just kidding! Thanks via ^_^

  13. @CH Voon: Haha, guess my words were convincing enough! =D


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