Friday, July 3, 2009

Semester Break: Home-Cooking

It's extremely cold and windy today, I almost got myself blown away by the strong wind while walking on the street with my boi. I suppose that sounds exaggerated to you, but trust me the wind speed was around 48 km/h in this afternoon, even until now...

We had our lunch here at Royal Asian before going for groceries shopping at Clifford Gardens. I planned to get a fresh whole fish from Supa IGA, so that I could prepare a decent dinner for my boi since he's not working tonight.

As soon as we get there, I decided to change the dinner menu as today's fishes weren't fresh enough. We bought chicken thighs and some other ingredients. The price of the ginger is freaking $15 per kilo today!!! Luckily, I just need a small little piece of it. *Phew*

A medium sized Dairy Farmers Whole Milk.

When we were buying Vitasoy Chocolate Soymilk and High-Fibre Soymilk,
I saw this Devondale Full Cream Milk which comes in such adorable palm-size boxes.

My boi helped me apply antibiotic eye ointment (Chloramphenicol) to my left eye as prescripted by the doctor. I took an hour nap before I woke up to prepare tonight's dinner. And of course, I wasn't sleeping on this massage chair, you silly goose xD

Home-cooking: Stir-fry Spinach with Salted Fish

ღ Stir-fry Spinach with Salted Fish ღ

Home-cooking: Steamed Chicken with Ginger, Shallot, & Garlic

ღ Steamed Chicken with Ginger, Shallot and Garlic ღ

Home-cooking: Fried Omelette with Garlic Chives

ღ Fried Omelette with Garlic Chives ღ


  1. Those dishes are look so tasty,
    Must be delicious,
    Your boyfriend is so lucky to have such a good girlfriend to cook for her.

  2. wa..feel wanna hug u oh esp when sleeping.. @@"

    your eating style so healthy leh! good~ ^_^

  3. steamed chicken look nice.. i like steamed chicken.. hehe..

  4. wah... look great! first, i thought u order from outside hehehe

  5. u know wat....i cant believe this is home cook ler....looks like restaurant cooking standard ler...u making me drooling now ...

    i have not cook for quite some time since my wife going to due soon....tied with work, no mood to cook now...

  6. @Stephanie: Thank you, your words really flatter me! *cuddle*

    @elims Chuang 光宏: Why you wanna hug me when I sleep? *swt*
    I like veggies and seafood more than meat, can't bear the taste of beef and lamb too =x

    @-ritchie-: Thanks, the steamed chicken tasted great and I loved it too!

    @CH Voon: Nope! LoL, it's my cooking :P

    @vialentino: Haha, are you serious?! Thanks for your sweet compliment, makes me feel good ;)
    I've passion for cooking, and I'm glad that you can cook too!

  7. The food looks really good. Very independent lah you, can cook so well.

  8. wow... all these food looks really yummy.. u make me feel hungry lar. hehe..

  9. @Stanley: Thanks, I learn cooking from my mom. When I was small, I used to help out my mom to prepare meals, standing next to her, and watching her while she's cooking ;)

    @Jys: Hehe, so sorry for making you hungry ;)


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