Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guild Fun Day & Mentors Photo Session

USQ Guild Fun Day no. 2

Guild Fun Day #2
Date: 29th of July, 2009 (Wednesday)
Time: 11am to 2pm
Venue: USQ Quad and R-Block Mall

USQ Guild Fun Day: Free Red Bulls

A Red Bull car to deliver Red Bull for free! That's awesome, right?

USQ Guild Fun Day: Rock Climbing

All this time, I've been thinking of trying rock climbing so eagerly, and today I stood the chance of actually doing it! As you can tell, I was well prepared with sport shoes and casual clothing.

USQ Guild Fun Day: Rock Climbing

I was a bit nervous at first 'cause the wall is quite high. The lady coach kept on convincing me that the climbing rope and belt are very secure and reliable, then only I felt much more relief.

USQ Guild Fun Day: Rock Climbing

I did it for two times, one is for practice (easy), another one is slightly harder (intermediate).

USQ Guild Fun Day: Rock Climbing (Rob, me, and Karen)

Meet the two friendly coaches, Rob and Karen.

USQ Guild Fun Day: Rock Climbing

My boi refused to join me at the beginning, but after some persuasion, he not only did it for twice but three times!

USQ Guild Fun Day: Rock Climbing

He really did a great job, didn't he?

USQ Mentors 2009

Most of the USQ mentors (semester 2, 2009) showed up the other day for a photo session and certificate distribution which was held at the USQ Administration Office.

USQ Mentors 2009 & International Officers

These were the nice people who volunteered themselves during the USQ International Orientation week.

USQ Mentors 2009: Me & USQ Vice Chancellor

Me with the USQ Vice Chancellor.

USQ Mentors 2009: Me & International Officers

Me with two USQ International Officers.


  1. wahhh clap clap! 2 times bo!

    It's not that easy task but I guess you did a great job! I hope you hand not feeling pain or tired tonight :)


  2. wa..healthy sport. if I play this game everyday, sure will become thin and slim..

    Your dressing really unique... see the photo, totally different~ ^_^

  3. @Netster: Keke, thank u!!! ;) My hands were a bit sore and shaking too, but still I managed to complete my second round. I felt proud of myself...

    @elims Chuang 光宏: Yes, u can try too xD bring your baby along when he's about 3-4 years old.
    And I have my own dressing style, hope it's not too "weird" to u :P

  4. hahaha i never play this before...

    good to have a try!

    You are stronger girl i meet...

    normally, girl seldom do this kind of sport...

  5. @CH Voon: Yep, definitely! Thanks for your compliment, I just like to do somethin' challenging, would love to try sky diving too ;)

  6. Ya should learn this sport! Feel so yeng! If he can play well and have slim body (not like his father) sure lot girls will sangkut to him!! hehe..

    Wont feel weird la.. just feel u are so special~ ^_^

    Next time i date you come out have a simple drink you also will wear like this?


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